DSRVW-ZA DECSERVER 700-8PORT DECserver 700, 8 line, no Flash
DSRVW-ZA (Refurbished)
DECserver Specification
DECserver 700 Ethernet communications servers offer superior price/ performance over their predecessors. They provide the flexibility to adapt new network applications via software enhancements and customer-installable hardware upgrades. The DECserver 700 supports the following industry-standard networking protocols: Telnet, TN3270, PPP, SLIP, CSLIP, LAT, and SNMP. The DECserver 700 implementation of TCP/IP protocols (including Telnet, Serial Line Internet Protocol-SLIP, and Simple Network Management Protocol-SNMP) and LAT demonstrates Digital's commitment to "open" network protocols and to the delivery of information system solutions across any vendor's platforms.

The DECserver 700 comes in two versions: a 16-port limited modem control version and an 8-port full modem control version. The 16-port version uses RJ45/MJ8 connectors and supports most Hayes-compatible modems and Digital's DECmodem V.32 and Scholar Plus modems. Transmit (+) and Receive (+) signaling options are provided, as are the following control signals for low- to medium-speed (<9600-bit/s) asynchronous modems: Data Carrier Detect (DCD), Data Set Rate Selector (DSRS), Data Terminal Ready (DTR), and Ring Indicator (RI). Additionally, for medium- to high-speed (>9600-bit/s)asynchronous modems, the following control signals are supported: Clear-To-Send (CTS), Data Set Ready (DSR), Data Terminal Ready (DTR), and Request-To-Send (RTS).

The DECserver 700 SLIP and CSLIP implementation combined with the hardware platform's superior throughput and line speed makes the DECserver 700 an ideal, low-cost solution for local and remotely connected PCs. A single Ethernet address can support all 16 ports as IP addresses, eliminating the need for costly PC LAN implementations. PCs can access network resources and perform efficient file transfer and virtual terminal operations.

The DECserver 700 8-port version uses EIA-232/DB25 connectors and provides full modem control for modems that meet Bell 103, 212, and CCITT V.21, V.22, and V.32 specifications. This model is recommended for network connection of devices that require full EIA-232 signaling, such as industrial instrumentation.

- Designed for rack, tabletop, or wall-mounting
- Superior performance-115.2 Kbits per second per port speeds, 250K characters per second aggregate throughput
- DECserver 700 (models DSRVW-EA, -GA) includes 4 Mbytes of memory and license for enhanced DECserver Network Access Software
- "Flash Ready" for future upgrade to Flash RAM option, allowing self-boot (no load host required)
- New user interface for customized menus and user-defined commands
- Kerberos security for user authentication
- Provides both 15-pin AUI and MJ8 UTP Ethernet ports
- Platform is expandable to 8 Mbytes of memory for future applications
DECserver 700-08
The original DECserver 700-08 (-A*, -B*) was replaced in 1993 with the –E* and –F* models. The original units ran DECserver 700 software and were configured with 1 MB of operational memory. The follow on units were configured with 4 MB of operational memory, an internal slot for a 2 MB Flash card and ran DNAS (DECserver Network Access Software). The –E* and –F* were retired in 2002.

Model number: DSRVW-A*, DSRVW-B*, DSRVW-E*, DSRVW-F* Ports: 8 DB25
Replaced by: DECserver 708, 8 ports DB9 or DECserver 716, 16 ports RJ45
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The DECserver 700-16 is a 16-port RJ45 terminal server is configured with 4 MB of operational memory, an internal slot for a 2 MB Flash card using DNAS, DECserver Network Access Software. Flash card optional. USA power.
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